The Importance of Restaurant Reviews

Some restaurants owners tend to bother about sale more than their restaurant reviews.

Let me quote my experience. I do not like praising Burger king I favor Wendy’s however i experienced the very best chain manager there. Once I already finished my doughnut within fifteen minutes and my coffee wasn’t served, the manager called me apologized and offered us a free doughnut for that trouble. I smiled and thanked him.

The Message from One of My Dining Experiences

I’ve experienced many rude food servers. Some just glare at you whenever you don’t order drinks. Some will make your order look messy in case your order is light. My worst was after i purchased cheeseburger in a mobile stall of the famous chain with my three buddies. After my first bite I tasted detergent and so i told the waitress. My pal with me was curious so she had a bite then she confirmed what I told her. The waitress went ballistic mad shouting towards the top of her lung area at 2 a.m. ! It was my buddies that faced her. Now, I am an easily triggered opponent. But later I wondered why I faced the waitress’ madness calmly. I did not ask that my order be changed. I simply planned to report her to her manager but I cannot remember I actually did.

Incidentally be skeptical of restaurants that do not have drinking water if you like water. There are lots of even with the famous chains. That helped me mad at many occasions. Just water imagine. There is once I elevated my voice in a waiter in the 2 star restaurant.My gentle foreigner boss treated us about 30 of his employees by coincidence both of us requested for water whenever we sat down. The waiter offered all of our food first rather. After about ten minutes also it appeared he overlooked our request I berated him. The waiter clearly wasn’t embarrassed with being rude to people from foreign countries. I have never returned to that particular restaurant even when I am being treated.

In conclusion it can make me sad after i visit my old favorite small shops and find out it’s no longer there. Those shops make me reminisce about the good old times which I find soothing to my mind. And my advice to any or all food businessmen even when you serve the very best food around, don’t expect your business to last long if your customers do not have nice experience and leave you with bad restaurant reviews.

How about you? Have you got many knowledge about food service too?

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