Some facts about Chiakfree Directory

If you reside in Malaysia and like to find information about food and dining online, then you’ll have actually happened upon Chiakfree at some point or another. The truth is this is among the most widely used online restaurant directory websites. For that Northen, Central and Southern regions of Malaysia at this time. It’s tie-ups about 100 Indian restaurants Chinese restaurants, Thai restaurants, Japanese restaurants, regular pizza parlours and so on. Certainly if you want to find restaurant online via a restaurant directory website, Chiakfree Directory is actually the place you should think about. However, it is not only the meals which has made the web site a success.

Chiakfree requires its visitors to become members of their website available at here.The registration is an extremely simple process. Best of all, it is free. However the most crucial factor is this fact one registration opens many options that can be done on the website.

Finding Restaurants Online

This is really probably the most interesting factor that you can do by having a Chiakfree membership. Your meals are delectable and it is selected from a wide variety of exotic cuisines that you could check out their information every time, Such as their address, contact number, how-to-go gps direction, pictures, reviews etc. Simply browse from restaurants for example local Korean BBQ restaurant, Roti Baker stalls, Dim Sum parlour, Western Food and so on and you’ll go new and scrumptious every time. Searching for eateries through the regions is another very convenient process and becomes the highlight from the popularity of the website.

Contests to Eat for Free (“ChiakFree”)

Chiaker simply means a person who join to eat for free, or Chiak for free. The Chiaker program is another wonderful reason individuals are thronging for this website. Malaysian is really dining-experience discussing around the Chiakfree website. Want to enjoy in nice restaurant for free, “Chiakfree”? You can join our Chiakfree contests and Chiaker Program from time to time. Be a Chiaker and set it up on Chiakfree’s review. You can provide your name and photographs, any video and also the reviews and be popular. Individuals are setting up new reviews constantly and a few of these are being lapped up through the restaurants. Chiakfree Directory is collaborated with many restaurants and outstanding experience would be featured in the media. You never know your experience turn into the talk from the town!

Catering Jobs

Another quite interesting factor that’s possible via a Chiakfree membership. Is that you can really advertise for catering jobs. For those who have a knack of cooking well and serving people, then this can be a mean by which you’ll have good amount of earnings. It really works even the opposite way round. If you’re attempting to search for a catering service to have an event you’re hosting, you could discover them here.

Therefore, Chiakfree Directory is certainly even more than a cafe or restaurant directory for common Malaysians. It’s almost an interactive social experience that also helps people earn money and recommend the things they prefer to others. People may even write those reviews and feedbacks concerning the restaurants they’ve attempted out and recommend the great ones for their buddies. With all of this happening, it’s no question why a Chiakfree Directory membership is really an in factor working in Malaysia at this time.


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